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Bloggin’ in Bulgaria: Day 2

December 6:

Our morning started early with a road trip to Bresovo to meet with the school administrators at Hristo Smirnenski Secondary School.  The school is one of two of the Centre For Inclusive Education’s (CIE) participating schools in the “School Makes Sense Program” (SMSP) https://www.cie.bg/en/Looking-Forward-My-Future-School-Makes.  The SMSP was inspired by Career Trek’s Wonder of Work Program and is beginning its second year of operation.


Broader scale, when recognizing the overall framework of the SMSP, we identified that both programs shared many successes

Hristo Smirnenski Secondary School, one of two of the Centre For Inclusive Education’s (CIE) participating schools in the “School Makes Sense Program” (SMSP).

and challenges. We were able to learn more about the details of CIE’s pilot project from the perspective of school administrators, and help to answer some questions about participant selection, partnerships with post secondary institution and legislative restrictions attached to working with kids and how we manage this in our program.  The meeting attendees were especially interested in learning more about how we were able to include everything that we do into a one hour lesson. We suggested a possible meeting with our Curriculum Developer and CIE to discuss further. As a result of this meeting, we immediately recognized the need for Career Trek to take the next step and partner with schools to provide in school programming and educator training services.


As a last minute addition to our agenda for the day, we decided to make a pit stop at the Bachkova Monastery, which allowed us to learn more about Bulgarian Orthodox faith.  The cobblestone pathway leading up to the Monastery housed a local market, selling Bulgarian food, drink and keepsakes.  The grounds were beautiful, filled with persimmon and fig trees.


After our visit to the monastery, we continued on our road trip to the City of Plovdiv, which is Europe’s oldest city and considered to be ancient.  After dining for lunch at a traditional Bulgarian restaurant, we proceeded to climb a hill that led into the historic district of the city.  The district was quaint and cozy and filled with many beautiful historic buildings.

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