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Career Trek Announces 2016 Scholarship Winners

What do most young Canadian’s have in common today?

An ironic sense of fashion?  A well-defined sense of social justice?  A room in their parent’s basement?

The correct answer is a student loan!

According to Statistics Canada 1 in 8 families are burdened with student debt. That’s almost 500,000 students, a figure that is up 27 per cent in the last eight years. Students that need loans to go to school graduate with an average of $28,000 of debt which takes them about 10 years to pay off. The reality of student debt is that it limits career and life choices and slows down full integration into the economy. Another sobering static is that 77 per cent of Canada’s workforce will need a post-secondary education by 2031. It’s a catch 22, in order to get a job you need an education and in order to get an education you need a job.

Career Trek is aware of this dilemma and helps students by providing a number of scholarships: The Steps in the Right Direction Award, the Industrial Arts and Trades Apprenticeship Award, and the Randy Contois Memorial Scholarship.

This small contribution helps to ease the burden on students, allowing them to take one more step on their paths to education and career success.

Congratulations to Career Trek’s 2016 student award winners!


Kennan Chartrand 2Keenan Chartrand

Winner of the Steps in the Right Direction Award

 “I feel pretty happy and excited about this award because it’s very difficult to fund post-secondary education now days,” says Keenan.  “It’s important to students because getting awards can increase one’s self-esteem.”

Keenan is a 17-year-old Children Rising Graduate who has spent a total of five years in the program.

He has plans to become a Healthcare Aide and is on a waiting list to go to College to become a Licenced Practical Nurse.






Jane_Kinya (WR)Jane Kinya

Winner of the Steps in the Right Direction Award

“It’s like taking something very heavy off your body.  It feels good…it helps you out, it makes you go forward…you can go ahead and continue what you’re planning to do.”

Jane is a 20-year-old graduate of the ‘M’ Program who credits the program with increasing her knowledge of different careers and helping her layout her career path.

Jane has decided she wants to become a Healthcare Aide and intends to upgrade her education and become a Nurse in the future.






William Winters (wr)William Daniel Winters 

Winner of the Industrial Arts and Trades Apprenticeship Award

“It’s absolutely fantastic!  Every little bit counts and when you have to work a full-time job during the summer to pay for school the next year any bit of money helps to go a long way to pay for books or the courses themselves.”

William is a 23-year-old student who worked as a Campus Coordinator for Children Rising last season.

He has just graduated with an Education Degree and wants to further specialize by attending Red River to take the accelerated Industrial Arts Teaching Program, which will allow him to teach carpentry, electronics, graphic arts, drafting, and photography.



Chelsaa-Lynn MaudChelsaa-Lynn Maud

Winner of the Randy Contois Memorial Scholarship Award

“I think it’s important.  Especially if you don’t get access to sponsorship or have access to money like that.  It’s a big deal,” says Chelsaa-Lynn.  “I imagine it would be very hard to fund a post-secondary education without support. “

Chelsaa-Lynn is 22-year-old graduate of the Children Rising program who remembers the moment she realized the importance of education, she was 12-years-old and concluded she loved Career Trek.

She plans to take Early Childhood Education in the fall and may upgrade her education and become an early-years Teacher in the future.

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