In order to improve our services, grow the field of Career Development, and help kids succeed, Career Trek is actively involved in academic research.  Visit this page often to see the latest updates on Career Trek’s research focused activities.

New Research

Survey on the Impact of Early Educational Choices 

Current university students and Past Career Trek participants are invited to take a survey on the impact of Early Educational Choices.  Each respondent that completes a survey will have his or her name entered into a draw to win one-of-two $500 Visa Gift Cards.

For more information on the survey visit: Educational Choices Survey.


Research Findings

Creating Lifelong Career Development Model

A recent study from University of Manitoba and University of Winnipeg researchers found that compared to children who did not attend Career Trek programming:

  • Career Trek participants are more curious about things they learn in school.
  • Career Trek participants are more aware of their interests in school.
  • Career Trek participants feel they have more control over their activities and school related behaviours.
  • Career Trek participants feel that planning for the future is important.

The most important finding from the study is that students in Grades 5-6 show a greater capacity to engage in career exploration and knowledge of career interests, compared to older students.

Creating a Lifelong Career Development Model: Full Report



Kathryn Levine
Associate Professor
Faculty of Social Work, University of Manitoba


Dr. Dawn Sutherland
Associate Professor
Faculty of Education, University of Winnipeg.



Darrell Cole
Founder & CEO, Career Trek Inc.



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