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img_8984-wrWonder of Work Program

The Wonder of Work Program aims to give children the broadest career-sampling experience possible, opening their eyes to a world of self-discovery, career options, and empowerment.


From Stock Market Broker to Biochemist, Carpenter to Engineer each year 240 kids aged 10-and-11 are nominated by their schools to experience 80 occupations and professions at the University of Winnipeg, University of Manitoba, and Red River College.


For 20 weeks, from October to April, children spend up to five hours each Saturday participating in hands-on education and career focused experiences.


Wonder of Work lets kids have fun uncovering their likes, dislikes, and potential. They are inspired to see the link between education, career development, and personal success, while learning to take charge of their unique career paths.


With the Wonder of Work, children become their own career champions.


What You Do

Participants visit the following post-secondary institutions including the following departments:


University of Manitoba:
Agricultural and Food Sciences
Biological Sciences
Geological Sciences
Kinesiology and Recreation Management
Native Studies
Peace and Conflict Studies

University of Winnipeg
Criminal Justice
Theatre and Film

Red River College
Aviation and Aerospace
Creative Communications



Students are expected to maintain excellent attendance, actively engage in lessons, and contribute to a respectful and positive learning environment.

Fee: there is a participation fee of $25 for joining the program.



Transportation: bus service is provided to all participants.

Graduation: at the end of the program participants attend a formal graduation ceremony in recognition of their hard work and dedication.

Family Days: during the program year, four Family Days are scheduled so that friends, relatives, and teachers get to experience a day in the life of a Trekker.



For more information contact:

Shara Harke
Wonder of Work (Winnipeg) Program Manager
P: (204) 944-1800 ext. 157
F: (204) 942-9412
E: sharke@wordpress-8854-23780-56203.cloudwaysapps.com

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