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Children Rising is designed to ease young people through the major turning points in their education and career paths.

Created in partnership with the community, Children Rising empowers children to chart the course of their education and discover the world of work, while being mindful of individual and cultural experiences of the school system.


Our unique model blends rural and urban, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children in order to break down barriers, build understanding, create a sense of community, and lay the foundation for smooth education and career progress.


70 participants take weekend trips to Winnipeg, day trips to rural campuses, and experience local programming. They get the chance to explore occupations and professions at post-secondary institutions and training facilities across the province.


Children Rising gets children and parents from different communities and backgrounds working together to prepare participants for the progression to high school, post-second­ary education, and on to their chosen career paths.


With Children Rising, a career path is no longer a guessing game and children become their own career champions.



dec-12-make-up-artist-27-wrHow It Works

Children Rising is an eight-year program that provides long-term support, promotes cultural under-standing, and encourages relationship building between individuals and communities.


Phase One (Years 1-4)

Children enter Phase One at the age of ten-or-eleven and take weekend trips to Winnipeg and, when available, day trips to rural campuses. They get hands-on experience in up to 80 occupations and professions. From Medical Doctor and Bio-Systems Engineer to Archaeolo­gist and Actor, children get to try a wide range of occupations and professions.


Phase Two (Years 5-8)

Participants enter Phase Two at the age of 14 or 15 and spend the program season working on the employability and life skills necessary to become engaged and successful adults.


From Carpenter and Journalist to Chef and Radiation Therapist, youth get hands-on experience that helps them better understand their options.



It’s hard to be successful without support and encourage­ment. Children Rising strives to meet the emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual needs of students and families.



Students are expected to maintain excellent attendance, actively engage in lessons, and contribute to a respectful and positive learning environment.


Fee: there is a participation fee of $25 for joining the program.



Transportation: bus service is provided to all participants.

Accommodation: is provided on weekend trips to


Meals: nutritious meals are provided to students on week­end trips to Winnipeg.

Graduation: at the end of Phase One program participants attend a formal graduation ceremony in recognition of their hard work. individuals



Ojibway Translation


Children Rising – Who is it For?


Children Rising – What is it About?


Children Rising – What is it?


Children Rising – Getting There?


Children Rising – Commitment.


Children Rising – Rise Up!


For more information contact:

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Jami Turetsky (WR)Jami Turetsky, Program Manager (Parkland Programming)
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E: jturetsky@wordpress-8854-23780-56203.cloudwaysapps.com


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